Qurat Ain – The Poetics of Blue Metropolis Festival

The Poetics of Blue Metropolis Festival

Written By Qurat Ain


Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
there is a field. I’ll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass,
the world is too full to talk about


Ideas, language, even the phrase “each other” doesn’t make any sense (Rumi).



This year’s Blue MET Festival has surprises for poetry lovers as it not only promotes the works of authors loved all over the world, but gives the public a chance to either present their own works or engage with national and international poetry. Even if it is just about listening to the flow of beautiful words or to discover the hidden mystical messages behind them, the festival has events that should spark anyone’s interest and are definitely not to be missed!

So, following are some activities which highlight this particular theme in the schedule, but it seems crucial to point out that the festival’s programs catalogue is inexhaustible:


  • Journée du Poème à Porter


This is a special event which takes places simultaneously as the Poem in Your Pocket Day and allows you to share your works with others anytime, anywhere on April 26th. It is a great way to receive feedback and become familiar with people’s different styles and interests. Since this activity takes places in collaboration with La Poésie Partout, their website not only offers further information regarding the event, but also presents the numerous other poetic programs available in Montreal.


  • The Vehicle Poets Live: Not as One, But at Once


McGill University’s Rare Books and Special Collections celebrates The Vehicle Poets, a group formed in the 70s and which consists of Endre Farkas, Artie Gold, Tom Konyves, Ken Norris, Claudia Lapp, John McAuley, and Stephen Morrissey. This event targets individuals interested in avant-garde poetry since the group collaborated with dancers, actors, composers, and visual artists to produce such works. It takes place on April 26th, 6 PM, at the McLennan Library’s Colgate Room, and this poetic heritage is not to be ignored!

(In Collaboration with ROAAR, McGill Library, McGill, David Birnbaum, MNA, Jacques Chagnon, MNA)


  • Véhicule Press Spring Launch


This event is about the launch of spring titles by the Esplanade Books and Signal Editions, and consists in authors reading from five new books which include two collections of poetry. Laura Ritland’s East and West deals with visions regarding the senses’ inability to account for the world and the tension between new cultural ideas and tradition, and Robin Richardson’s Sit How You Want discusses the trauma surrounding abusive relationships and is about transforming pain into energy. This launch, full of emotive writing, takes place at La Petite Librairie, on April 27th, at 7 PM


  • Incursions dans la Poésie Arabe Classique


If you are interested in breathtaking international works (especially the beautiful poems of Rumi!), then this event provides the chance familiarize yourself with classic Arabic works from different time periods and places. While the readings are in French, English and Arabic, Professor May Telmissany, who is also a novelist and essayist, offers important commentary to further delve in this rich and diverse tradition. The lecture is to be accompanied by The Future of Arabic Poetry Awards ceremony which acknowledges the efforts of two university students this year and takes place on April 27th, at Hôtel 10’s Bar à Vin, 8 PM.

(In Collaboration with Filaction, Cole Foundation, Concordia University & Département de Littératures et de Langues du Monde de l’Université de Montréal)


  • Reading and Signing Sessions: A Day-Long Encounter with Poets and Poetry


Would you like to meet your favorite poets and put forward questions that have lingered in your mind for a while now? Along with listening to authors read their own works and getting a book signed, this event gives the opportunity to have a one-to-one conversation with poets present at the Festival and fulfill the quest for knowledge on poetry. The session takes place on April 28th, at Hôtel 10’s Salle Exécutive, 10 AM. While the schedule will be posted on the door, this enriching experience is not to be missed!

All the above-mentioned events are free and present a variety of works that should to cater to everyone’s interests. Other activities include tributes to Canadian authors, such as Hugh Hazelton and Venera Fazio, and are equally attractive. And it is important not to forget that the Blue MET Festival has an endless list of events which touch upon different literary forms and so if you are interested in other themes, there is bound to be an event available for you!



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