Curtis McRae – The Sweeping Sounds of the Spoken Word

The Sweeping Sounds of the Spoken Word :

Authors Reading in Their Mother Tongue

Written By Curtis McRae


We are born to naturally be in tune with sound; it is through living, habituation, and the focus on certain languages overs others that we lose touch with this innate ability. It is only around 8 months of age that an infant will begin to lose their ability to identify specific tones and sounds in languages outside of their own, and this ability will continue to decrease throughout life. It is well known among neuroscientists and developmental psychologists that children are predisposed to better learn and identify the different sounds and pronunciations between languages, which illuminates children’s abilities to better learn new languages than adults.


Though this event leaves the developmental domain, ‘Babel Blue’ will revitalize the romantic and intuitive love of sound and language we are alls intrinsically born with. Writers from across the globe will gather in the inmate setting of the Salle Godin in Hotel 10 on Saturday April 28th at 15h to read in their maternal language.


Among the many great writers speaking in their native tongue are Portuguese author Cristina Carvalho, Swedish born poet Ulrikka S. Gernes reading in Danish, Argentinian writer and journalist Leila Guerriero reading in Spanish, Swedish playwright and author Jonas Hassen Khemiri, German journalist and writer Dirk Kurbjuweit, and Norwegian author and journalist Morten A. Strøksnes.


Attend the Salle Godin on Saturday April 28th at 15h to reincarnate your intrinsic love of language, sounds, and words, and enter the rooms warm aura filled with the romantic sounds and notions that if we only better understood each other, the world would be a better place.