Curtis McRae – Literary Prize Winner Charles Taylor

Literary Prize Winner Charles Taylor:

Recipient of the 2018 Blue Metropolis International Literary Grand Prize

Written By Curtis McRae


On Saturday April 28th at 14h in the alumni auditorium of Concordia Universities Hall Building, prominent philosopher and eminent literary icon Charles Taylor will be receiving the 20th anniversary edition of The Blue Metropolis Literary Grand Prize. The award ceremony will be hosted in conjunction with the Institute of Religious Studies of the University of Montréal and Radio Canada, in dedication to honoring a life of great achievement and literary excellence in awarding Dr. Charles Taylor with the exceptional 20,000$ prize.


The Blue Metropolis Literary Grand Prize looks to celebrate the dignity and distinctions of those who propel society forward through critical thinking and great lifetime achievement. Charles Taylor’s commitment to the idea that we can better ourselves and improve the society we inhabit through critical thinking and taking action is one of his many honorable virtues. Blue Metropolis recognizes the many forms in which such qualities and virtues may manifest, and have honored an array of artists, academics, critical thinkers, and philosophers alike. A great deal of upstanding individuals have been honored in the past, including Mavis Gallant in 2002, Margaret Atwood in 2007, Joyce Carol Oates in 2012, Colm Toibin in 2013, Richard Ford in 2014, Anne Carson in 2016, Anita Desai in 2017, and now, Charles Taylor in 2018. One of the common characteristics among these pioneers is the willingness to explore the human condition with the verve and tenacity of the big thinkers before them. As one of the quintessential thinkers of our time, Charles Taylor understands the power of words, and the dynamic relationship between literature and philosophy as two mediums exploring the same virtues. Taylor’s commitment to social issues and his humanistic approach geared towards a better tomorrow are just a few of the many reasons Blue Metropolis is proud to award to him the 2018 Grand Prize title.


Taylor was born in Montréal, Quebec in 1931, and his lifelong list of academic merits began in 1952 when he received a Bachelor of Arts in History from McGill University. He went on to study at Oxford, where he received another Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics in 1955. He continued at Oxford to obtain his Doctor of Philosophy in 1961. Taylor has spent many years as a professor of Philosophy and Political Science at McGill University, where he is now a Professor Emeritus. A large body of Taylor’s work revolves around Western Philosophy, within topics such as Analytical Philosophy, Communitarianism, and Hermeneutics. Among his most notable works are his critiques on naturalism and liberalism, and his authoritative work’s in the field of ethics and moral philosophy, such as Sources of the Self: The Making of Modern Identity (1989), The Malaise of Modernity (1991), and a Secular Age (2007). His work and theories have earned him many prestigious prizes such as the Berggruen Prize for Philosophy in 2016, the John W. Kluge Prize for the Study of Humanity in 2015, The Kyoto Prize for Global Achievement in 2008, the Templeton Prize for outstanding achievement in affirming life’s spiritual qualities in 2007, and now Blue Metropolis’ International Literary Grand Prix for superlative literary achievement in 2018.


Join us on Saturday April 28th at 16h in the Alumni Auditorium of Concordia University for the award ceremony hosted by author and journalist Marie-Andrée Lamontagne, followed by an intimate interview of Taylor’s life work with Radio Canada journalist Michel Desautels.