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What is Words to Change?

yang_AWords to Change is an innovative project intended to involve Cegep and university-aged students to support and develop graduates and citizens who, in addition to achieving academic success, will become responsible, creative and charitable members of their communities, and who will contribute to building a more just society while continuing to support their educational institutions and the social and cultural organizations within their community.

Blue Metropolis seeks video bloggers to create short 2-3 minute videos (individuals or groups may submit) about the role or importance of diversity and multiculturalism. Centered around the work of our inaugural Words to Change Prize winner, comics artist Gene Luen Yang, Blue Met seeks collaborators who can talk about his work and/or the topic of diversity and intercultural communication in Quebec.

2015 winner

image001Gene Luen Yang is the author and illustrator of several influential and critically acclaimed books that aim to reflect the common experience of 2nd generation migrants to North America. Along the way, he blends aspects of Chinese folklore with the realities of migration and assimilation that is often part of becoming an American or Canadian. Yang has won many awards including Publishers Weekly Best Comic of the Year, the Michael L. Printz Award, San Francisco Chronicle Best Book of the Year, The Reuben Award for Best Comic Book, the Eisner Award and the Amazon.com Best Graphic Novel/Comic of the Year.


Here is how you could win $1,000:


The Prize is given to a filmmaker or group of filmmakers who produce a short film on the subject of identity in Québec.

The film should:

• Be between 2-4 minutes.

• Be in French or English (or without dialogue).

• Be self-produced or produced in a small group.

• Address the concept of differences, identity or the origins.


There are a few ways to submit your video:
upload it to your Youtube or Vimeo account and send us the link at lisanne.gamelin@bluemetropolis.org before October 25th 2015


The winning video will be screened and selected by a jury for a prize of $1,000.

Watch a video!



Submitting/Linking your video

Here’s how to submit your video:
upload it to your Youtube or Vimeo account and send us the link at lisanne.gamelin@bluemetropolis.org

Contest Rules & Partners

Rules for the contest for 18 years old and older.




To participate in the Words to Change contest, you must be over 18 years of age before October 25, 2015.


Selection Criteria



A four-person jury will select the winning video clip, based on the following criteria:

  • Relevance and relationship to the concept of differences, identity or the origins (identity in a broad sense: culture, religion, language, sexual orientation, political convictions)
  • Quality of the images


Awarding of the Prize



The winning video clip will be chosen in late October 2015. The winner will be notified by email or telephone no later than November 6, 2015. The $1,000 prize will be awarded in the form of a cheque at an event to take place in fall 2015 (date and place to be confirmed). If the winner is unable to be present for the prize attribution, he or she will receive the prize by registered mail, and will be invited to send another video clip, related to receiving the prize, which will be screened at the event. If the winner lives outside the Montreal area, Blue Metropolis Foundation will provide an amount of $500 to cover expenses related to his or her trip to Montreal.


Intellectual Property and Dissemination


Participants who submit a video clip will maintain their intellectual property rights. However, Blue Metropolis Foundation will maintain the right to disseminate the video clip on all platforms of its choosing in order to promote the Words to Change project, without any kind of remuneration for the participants.

The Words to Change Prize is supported by :


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